Can't install PSP 2018 visual studio problem



Using Windows 10 x64 with latest updates.I can't install Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018 because it hangs at the visual studio 2012 process, I tried to update to Update 4 (11.0.61030) but it always give an error 0x8007015e, I manually uninstalled the old pack that was not listed on ''apps and features'' using the msiinv and msiexec trick but the 11.0.61030 pack still gave me the same error.I could grab an older pack 11.0.60610 and it installed without any problem!! Then I tried the 11.0.61030 pack again but it gave the same error again!! And yes I downloaded it directly from Microsoft, so unless they have a corrupted exe file I don't understand why I can install an old version of VS 2012 pack and not the newest one?Because of that I still can't install PSP 2018.Should I uninstall PSP X9?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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